Black Eyed Susan for Pollinators

Attracts butterflies (amongst other pollinators)

Black-Eyed Susan (Rudbeckia hirta) will brighten up your garden with its yellow-orange petals and its contrasting raised purple-black center. This flower is great for borders, mass-plantings, or backgrounds and grows quite well in sun or partial shade. It is also wonderful to use as a cut flower. The 2-3 foot tall plant blooms from summer to fall and is easy to grow. Not only will you enjoy the Black-eyed Susan in your garden, the butterflies, bees and birds like colibris will love it!

Health Benefits and Therapeutic uses:

-root tea for parasitic worms,
-external wash for sores
-minor cuts, sores, scrapes,swellings
-wash for snake bites
-immune system stimulant
(even more effective than the better known medicinal plant Echinacea.)
– diuretic properties – increases the urine flow
-dropsy treatment

by Karin Wybauw


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