Bramble for Pollinators




Many like the berries of the brumble bush but not the plant as they think that the plant spread everywhere and cannot be controlled. Yes it is a opportunity plant and can take any space that isn’t used, but it can be controlled and grown like a hedge fence when trimmed regularly.Once established it will keep large predators such as cats out.Below is a link where you can find more information how to grow it in your wildlife garden. (I have even seen it once grown in a small back garden for years on poles like wine.) Away from being a Bee and Butterfly attractant it provides food for certain caterpillars and some grazing animals, such as rabbits and particularly deer. Caterpillars of the Concealer moth Alabonia geoffrella have been found feeding inside dead blackberry shoots.

The fruit is eaten by birds and small mammals such as the wood mouse. They help to distribute the seeds via their droppings. Birds such as the white throat and grasshopper warbler build their nests inside the thickets.


Health Benefits and therapeutic uses of the bramble plant and berries:


The leaves and the bark of the root of the bramble plant contain tannin while the fruit contains pectin, albumen, citric and malic acids, anthocyanins which have powerful antioxidant properties and help, along with those of vitamin K, C and E and the polyphenols present in blackberries, to make the berry one of the top fruits in the antioxidant stakes…They also contain calcium, manganese, iron, phosphorous and magnesium, potassium, zinc, copper and traces of selenium.


– can help to prevent cancer in particular colon cancer.

-stave off the risk of strokes and heart disease

-remedy for dysentery.

-remedy for diarrhoea

-bleeding gums

– sore throat

-sore mouth

– colds

-mild fevers

-calms spasms of whooping-cough

-on the skin to treat piles

-helpful for bumps, bruises, burns and minor injuries

-helps with haemorrhoids and varicosis

-for small kidney and bladder stones


by Karin Wybauw

Here is a bit more information like certain recipes.





















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