Super Bugs to educate about Insect importance

 Chester Zoo in the UK does a lot of conservation work around the world.

In the UK with insects as many people think that bugs aren’t important. So they had designed super-sized versions of bugs to put bugs and creepy crawlies in the spotlight and to raise awareness of their importance in nature’s food chain….:)…Cool 🙂



Which Bird Which Plant

This is a great link to find out what certain birds eat and therefore to plant certain plants in your garden or to support them with Insect hotels. ..


A world without Bees…

Imagine for a moment before you rush and read on, a world without honeybees…What would it be like? 

Can you still eat what you like?

Can you still cook what you like?

What fruits would be gone forever that you can never eat again?

What vegetables would be gone forever that you can never eat again?

What nuts would be gone forever that you you can never again ?

Would there still be flour for bread? Cookies? Pizza?


Without the little black and yellow insect one third of the world’s crops cannot be pollinated…You may think now ‘okay but than there are still 3 thirds left.’ Wrong! As by not being able to pollinate the one third it will drag a rats tail behind…Read more in this businessinsider article:





Pesticides in bee friendly flower seeds

Friends of the Earth U.S.

Our new report, Gardeners Beware 2014, found bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides in just over half of the “bee-friendly” plants tested in garden centers in U.S. and Canada. To read more and to find out how to make your garden safe for bees, visit




Why we need bees

Bees are important as without them many plant species and human foods would not be.Just think amout tomatos for a moment…Can you imagine a world without tomatos? No ketchup? No puree? No pizza? So, even if ‘YOU’ don’t eat honey,, you should still care a lot about bees and help to protect them.

In particular from their greatest threats which are the Neonicotinoids (Roundup pesticide for one example) and GMOs.This is not highlighted in this video..But then it’s all about why bees are important. ..Phillip explains 5 good reasons ‘Why’ we need bees…