Cats are destructing biodiversity, why do we accept this?

I cannot say often enough how important it is to reduce cat populations…To neuter them and giving them a collar with a bell and not to let them outside during bird breeding season ir never to let them out…We have more people on earth on than ever before in history and of course that means also more pets such as cats as they are the easiest to keep.But unfortunately this feline does indeed great damage to wildlife. Habitat loss, pesticides and other pollutions and more pet cats are reasons for loss in essential wildlife animals.And we ‘must’ reduce these reasons.


Cats are a destructive, invasive species :



Cats ‘must ‘ be reduced in numbers. ..


Think twice before keeping a cat:

Are you feline bad about cats killing wildlife?


Cats pose a serious threat to biodiversity: Why do we accept it? What should be done? | A…According to the ASPCA, there are around 90 million owned domestic cats (Felis catus) in the U.S., and taking into account strays and feral cats, the total number is estimated to be as high as 160 million (1).