Scarlet Tiger Moth

One of the most beautiful pollinators, a Scarlet Tiger Moth:

For these is also worth to keep the green Alkanet as their caterpillar loves to feed on them as they contain a lot of juice.In fact there is hardly any pollinator who doesn’t love the green Alkanet. Let them grow and you will see that it will be very busy around these flowers and that towards the end of summer, parts of this plant will die off which seems to come from ‘overuse’ of pollinators as I have found that alkanet’s in locations with less or no visitors seem to keep on thriving stronger and longer. I usually remove dead parts every now and then (if I have the time) or pull them out when all pollinators are gone.They will grow back in full strength the following year.In fact I have never found this plant to be a big problem if they are being pulled out once a years.And have even seen park rangers controlling them this way once a years when they take care of their wildflower sections…




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