Scarlet Tiger Moth Caterpillar

Here is the caterpillar of the scarlet Tiger Moth. .

So let’s recollect…

You keep the herbal plant Green Alkanet (considered by many as weed as it is a opportunity plant who loves damp places).

You will find plenty of caterpillars there who will feed on their leaves as they contain more juices than other plants.In fact it will keep snails and Slugs also away from your other plants as they will preferably eat these. And if you have a healthy garden (and no cats) you will have plenty of birds, frogs, toads, lizards, rodents and hedgehogs etc.. visiting and keeping the insect, snail and slug population down.Yes they also eat some of the caterpillars but wild animals are not as stupid as human beings and would never eradicate a species from a area.Same as they eat a few pollinators, but not many, as they prefer unwanted insects.Unless it’s a particular bird species-but they then live usually in parts of the planet which has natively plenty of wild bees.In that case and of course as long as humans don’t mess up the cycle, they act as population regulators. Less insects, less birds or other insect feeding animals.More insects more birds or other insect feeding animals as they breed in regards if there is enough food around or not. Nature has her own balance.Humans are the only species who over breeds and acts against and not with nature.

Once the caterpillar raid is over the Alkanet will recover and the pollinator raid begins.The scarlet Tiger Moth caterpillar has now exchanged the outfit of a caterpillar with that of a beautiful moth and many will hang around to feed on the Alkanet. After the pollinators are gone you will have slugs and snails continuing to eat the leafs.A truly healthy circle where everything has its purpose and nothing ever gets too many of a kind or extinct as long as we humans keep our fingers out because our selfishness and egoic voice in our head is telling us how things should look like while we miss out to recognize and to enjoy the true beauty of nature..


Scarlet Tiger Moth

Here are some images of the Scarlet Tiger Moth Caterpillar and his work as a natural weed controller :)..
Note the different stages of the Green Alkanet.
After they had raided these plants I transferred them to the other side (above)..


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