Why Toads are great for your Garden

Amongst other useful things Toads are great insect population regulators in your garden as they gobble down beetles, slugs, crickets, flies, ants and other invertebrates. Larger toad species even eat small rodents and snakes. All toads will try to eat anything they can pull into their mouths and swallow, they are strict carnivorous.

When it comes to natural pest control, you can’t do much better than a healthy toad population on your property on top og the birds.



Image: rolfnussbaumer.com


Yard of Hope contest

I find this a great idea so please to participate submit your pictures via the link.It is not only that a prizes can be won but it also is a way of sharing ideas which help to support wildlife, plus helping the migrating birds.

Via YardMap:

Yards of Hope Photo Contest:

http://content.yardmap.org/explore/yards-of-hope/. YardMap is hosting a photo competition from April 1st until April 24th, honoring the features in our yards that contribute to a better world. Two winners will be chosen and receive a generous prize from Bee With Me (www.beewithme.net). Submit photos starting today! Click below to learn details: