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Why native plants are best

Native plants help to fight climate change, save water, and provide food and shelter for birds and all other wildlife.

Very informative article.


Honey Bees ‘whoop’ when they collide

Fascinating inside into the life of honey bees 🙂

Scientists have just decoded another bit of honey bee speech, and the newfound “word” the bees are buzzing is “whoop.”In a study published in the journal PLOS One, researchers with Nottingham Trent University (NTU) have learned that a particular honey bee vibration signal long presumed to be a warning about danger outside the hive might also be a kind of startle response, issued when the tiny fliers bump into each other in the hive.

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Best Article on Glyphosate

​Please read through this highly informative article and for the sake of all wildlife and your own health,   stop using any products containing this dangerous chemical…

Turn Spider Fear into Fascination

​Here is a wonderful text about spiders which are sadly demonised by the media for no sane reason other than manipulation in order to put fear into people’s heads about this elusive animal and to get views on their article. I agree with the writer Tone Killick who has discovered his passion about spiders not so long ago and who has become indeed an expert in the arachnology world. Please visit his Facebook page:
Remember that spiders are a very important part of any ecosystem and love to visit human homes because they will find food in there.If you cannot bear to have them indoors until you have mastered your phobia or accepted spiders as house guards against unwanted insects which can us even make sick use a glass and a postcard to gently catch them or one of the spider hoovers which are available online and which won’t kill the animal and place them gently outside. But only if it’s not in the wintertime and you happen to live in a cold country because their little body will freeze in no time and the life of one of the most useful insects on this planet has been wasted.

Put them in a shed,loft or garage in the wintertime and if you have neither, how about a trip with the glass covered up to the next church? 

All photos are copyright to Tone Killick:
‘In the several years of studying spiders, I’ve been bitten once, as an inquisitive 10 yr old, mishandling a garden spider. I’m a fair bit older now and have held many thousands of these diverse 8 legged marvels and remained bite free. You see, all spider bites are accidental, a case of us pushing certain parts of our body against a spider, forcing the spider to bite out in defence. For example, a Steatoda grossa has decided to make its home in one of my wellington boots and I slip the boot on and my big toe starts to bear down on this spider… I mean in all honesty, I can’t blame the spider for biting me as I’m squashing the life out it with my big toe. This would be a last resort action by the spider and I certainly wouldn’t hold a grudge, but the media would have you believe something completely different with outlandish stories of potently venomous spiders invading our homes and intentionally biting us. These are non stories that sell newspapers and play on the public’s fears that ultimately result in more so called spider bites being reported to the newspapers and the vicious circle continues. So, don’t believe everything in the media and take a little time out to learn about these amazing and diverse creatures and turn Fear into Fascination’

Scytodes thoracia male

Phiddipus regius male

Phidipus regius male

Holoplatys so. Female

Hogna lenta

Heliphanus cupreus Female

Hogna lenta

Dysdera crocata Female

Agelena labrinthica Female

Steatoda grossa Female

Steatoda nobilis Male

Ero tuberculata Male

Hogna lenta

How to feed Birds,Humans and Wildlife

In Buffalo, New York, gardeners are growing crops and native plants to bring food and wildlife to communities in need.